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Morrisey campaign chest in primary boosted by out-of-state PACs

By Jaz Brown and Jon Ransone Patrick Morrisey’s bid to capture the Republican nomination for West Virginia’s Senate race this year has been buoyed by thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from a number of very conservative out-of-state political action committees (PACs), according to recent...1:59 pm April 26, 2018

Will 2016 be the year West Virginia breaks free of the fossil fuel cartel?

  By: Corey McDonald, Kara Loyd, and Lauren McMillen Even before the 2016 gubernatorial race begins in earnest, Senate President Bill Cole [R – Mercer] has already received substantial contributions from oil and gas interests in West Virginia. He has been endorsed by a super...3:23 pm March 10, 2016

Safety at West Virginia Coal Mines Remains a Persistent Problem

By Jack Baronner On March 8 of this year, John Michael Garloch started his Sunday night shift at the McElroy mine in Marshall County, West Virginia like any other.  Garloch, who traveled 38 miles from his home in Neffs, Ohio for every shift, was soon...1:37 pm September 27, 2015
Natural gas industry challenges coal's dominance in West Virginia

Natural gas industry challenges coal’s dominance in West Virginia

By Omar Ghabra, Laura Clark and Sarah Davis For decades, coal has been king in West Virginia. The coal industry has dominated the state’s economy and its money has bought the acquiescence of generations of politicians at the state and federal level. But with the...11:40 pm April 4, 2013
Can Morgantown officials ban trucks clogging downtown roads?

Can Morgantown officials ban trucks clogging downtown roads?

By Bryan Popkin, Kelsea Lynch and Stephen Sleeper For years, Morgantown residents have complained about the large trucks that clog traffic downtown as they rumble by on Beechurst Avenue and Walnut Street on their way to deliver coal and gravel to the coal-powered plant on...11:10 pm April 4, 2013
Air pollution in Morgantown is reaching dangerous levels

Air pollution in Morgantown is reaching dangerous levels

By Laura Clark, Kelsea Lynch, and Matthew Fouty If you walk down Beechurst Avenue on a daily basis, you’re taking your life in your hands — and it has nothing to do with getting hit by a car.  Your health is being compromised daily by...10:24 pm February 28, 2013