Posted: April 26, 2017 at 7:57 pm

By Tessa Iglesias, Quinn Crosby and Tristin Toman

The World Trade Organization is the leader in assuring that goods are produced for fair wages and created in good working conditions. Most of the products that go through the WTO are made in developing countries. Businesses like River Fair Trade, in Morgantown, revolve around fairly made goods from across the world.

The World Trade Organization is the only international organization who regulates rules for trade between nations. They allow governments from all countries to negotiate agreements for trading, settle disputes, and sort out problems they encounter amongst one another. The WTO is operated by governments that are members. Decisions regarding agreements, memberships, and issues are decided by the organization as a whole. Typically ministers and ambassadors of these governments meet once every two years.

In addition to fair wages, these goods are created in good working conditions. Dowling has been a firm believer in fair trade items for years as she has forked for fair trade wholesale companies. She feels that her shop fits the laid back downtown vibe that Morgantown has to offer. With residents and students coming from all over the world, the unique items can be a reminder of home for some people.

“I love knowing where items are coming from, who is making it, and how purchasers are helping contribute to someone else’s hard work whether it be here in the United States, Bali, India, or anywhere else.”

The overall mission of the WTO contains 10 common goals that include things like raising living standards, helping countries develop and contribution to peace and stability. The WTO also promotes the production of products from recycled materials.

River Fair Trade is one of few businesses in the Morgantown area that offers items produced from recycled materials. WVU Professor Dr.Ajay Aluri stated that many businesses in small towns lack the respect for fair compensation. In rural areas like Morgantown, the higher cost of products tends to lead to unsuccessful business. Thus far, River Fair Trade has done a great job at not only promoting their business, but also what they stand for with the World Trade Organization.  Items for sale can be viewed online at or on their Facebook page. More information about the WTO can be found at