Posted: March 12, 2017 at 4:45 am

By Ashley Rogers, Rachel Solis, and Mostafa Hashem

Before attending anesthesia school at Saint Vincent’s College in Latrobe, PA, Jacob Wolfe earned his bachelors at West Virginia University. That is when he fell in love with Morgantown, West Virginia. He is now a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist working three days a week at Mon General Hospital, however, he has found a way to combine his education and passion for business.

“I’ve always wanted to start a business. I always had that entrepreneurial spirit,” said Wolfe, who has recently opened Morgantown’s first IV hydration wellness clinic, “and this type of business just lends itself to what I do on a daily basis. I treat dehydration in the OR on a daily basis.”

Revive U, founded in 2016, specializes in intravenous treatments for mild to moderate dehydration, vitamin depletion, hangovers, migraines, cold and flu, fatigue and more. The facility also offers boosters that range from Vitamin C to Toradol and Zofran so that clients are able to customize their IV drip.

“Not only do we do infusions, but individuals that come in, we can actually tailor that individual drip to that individual. So if they’re looking for a boost in their immunity we can add a couple of different medicines, if they’re looking for energy we can add a little different types of vitamins and nutrients.”

Compared to an oral vitamin, which the body only absorbs 30 percent of, IV therapy allows the body to receive 100 percent of the vitamins and nutrients within 30-45 minutes and the effects are almost instantaneous.

Revive U offers an anti-aging treatment to cleanse your system for better looking skin, a detox treatment, an energy booster with B12, B5, and B6, a hangover treatment that fights nausea, headaches, and fatigue, and an immunity treatment among others.

Since opening, Wolfe says local businesses like bars Joe Mamas and Fat Daddy’s have welcomed him with open arms, advice and opportunities to collaborate.

Wolfe uses social media sites like Twitter to reach the college population. Through Twitter he also teams up with local bars. They hold contests and specials together for customers.

Like many other college towns throughout the U.S., Morgantown offers entrepreneurs a melting pot of consumers from different areas and backgrounds, a growing population, low cost of living/working, and consumers who are open to different things.

“This type of environment is a good place for startups to see how things go because you have a lot of active people,” said Jack Fuller, a professor of Decision Analysis and Operations Management at the College of Business and Economics and West Virginia University.

Many entrepreneurs are starting businesses in college towns, most of the time at their alma maters like Wolfe. Since 2012, one third of business incubators in the U.S. were located near or had ties to a university.

With the recent rise in holistic medicine, IV clinics have become a popular thing in big cities like New York, Las Vegas, Miami, and Houston. Wolfe wants to bring the trend to Morgantown and hopefully expand from there, but for now, his focus remains on his first clinic.

“As of right now I’m just trying to develop this business. Do we have dreams of expanding to other cities? Absolutely. But as of right now we’re just trying to develop this system, get a good clientele base here and just trying to expand from there.”