Posted: March 23, 2017 at 10:39 pm

By Casey Gentile, Leanne Shinkle and Emily Martin

There are a lot of misconceptions about Unity Manor. Some may think it’s just a retirement home, but it’s more than that.

Unity Manor, built in 1982 and located on North Willey Street in Morgantown, is home to residents of the city who are 65 years and older. Those living in Unity Manor apartments pay rent in accordance to their income, paying 30 percent of what they receive every month.

Darien Bloom, who has been the manager at Unity Manor for the past two and a half years, says that she doesn’t want people to dismiss the place just because its residents are 65 years and older.

“What I would like for people to know about this building is that there’s still life [here],” Bloom said.

One of the most lively residents at Unity Manor is Larry Nelson.

Nelson, a seasoned radio broadcaster, has lived at Unity Manor for the past year.

“I’ve worked at just about every radio station in Morgantown,” Nelson said.

Even though he is retired, Nelson still emcees every first and third Friday night of the month at Wit’s End Lounge Comedy Club at the Ramada Inn in Morgantown.

At 69 years old, Nelson is still active and full of life and laughs.